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Clubman Builders Resource

 Files > Suspension

  Name and Description Size Date
folder icon Adjustable Front Suspension
  Plans for adjustable caster/camber
folder icon Alfa Suspension
  Alfa suspension drawings
folder icon Cortina Hubs
  Photos of manual showing Cortina front suspension
folder icon Dampers
  Darren George's Damper Drawings
folder icon Dax
  Dax Camber Compensating Suspension
folder icon Design Resources
  Data for design work
folder icon Jag IRS
  XJ6 coil-overs as alternative
folder icon Les
  Suspension modelling software
folder icon Lolocost
  Robin Hood Lolocost suspension pics
folder icon Sierra IRS
  Drawings of Sierra IRS for Locost
folder icon Westfield
  Photos of the Westfield IRS
image icon 75Spit-Front.jpg 34k   30 Mar 2002
  Late model Spitfire front suspension
pdf icon Axle Brackets.pdf 10k 25 Mar 2003
  GTS Axle bracket drawing
zip icon Bump 7k 16 Jun 1999
  Bump steer calc
image icon CastingPattern 2.jpg 46k 16 Jan 2001
  Tricky H. casting pattern of rear wheel hub carrier
image icon CatRrPro.jpg 54k 29 Sep 2002
  Caterham rear (A-Frame) suspension
excel icon Coildemo.xls 19k 3 Oct 1999
  Coil spring calculator
image icon Datsun Trailing Arms.jpg 9k 11 Apr 2000
  Datsun trailing arms
image icon DSJr.jpg 128k 13 Nov 1999
  DSJ 7 rear suspension
image icon EuropaFrontSus.jpg 76k 30 Mar 2002
  Lotus Europa type 46 front suspension
zip icon Fabricated Front 55k 19 Oct 2001
  Fabricated Front Uprights
image icon Fraser Front Right - Close.jpg 300k 3 Jul 2002
  Close up of Fraser front suspension
image icon Fraser Pushrod.jpg 272k 31 Mar 2000
  Fraser pushrod
image icon Fraser Rocker1.jpg 252k 31 Mar 2000
  Fraser rocker view 1
image icon Fraser Rocker2.jpg 217k 31 Mar 2000
  Fraser rocker view 2
image icon Fraser Rocker3.jpg 212k 31 Mar 2000
  Fraser rocker view 3
image icon Fraser Upright.jpg 222k 31 Mar 2000
  Fraser upright
image icon Front Jig.jpg 56k 1 Jul 2002
  Jig to locate the front suspension brackets
zip icon 66k 4 Sep 2000
  Front suspension drawing Autocad file
image icon FWD-IRS Corolla GTS.jpg 63k 8 Aug 2000
  FWD Rear Upright
zip icon 148k 11 Sep 1999
  FWD hub IRS conversion
zip icon 300k 21 Oct 1999
  Inboard front suspension
image icon Lotus7 S2 Rear.jpg 87k 15 Jun 2002
  Lotus 7 Series 2 Rear. Why it breaks
image icon L7LwrA.gif 16k 15 Jan 2003
  Lotus 7 Lower A-Arm
image icon Mawer_1.jpg 102k 16 Jan 2001
  FF IRS Upright
zip icon 127k 21 Oct 1999
  McPherson strut mods
image icon MK DeDion.jpg 87k 31 May 2000
  MK De Dion picture
excel icon MoogBallJts.xls 41k 02 Mar 2003
  Moog Drag Link Spreadsheet
zip icon 100k 24 Mar 2001
  Panhard rod and pedals
word icon Pic narrative.doc 20k 30 Mar 2000
  SAAB IRS narrative
image icon QuantumExtremeFrontSus.jpg 151k 27 Mar 2002
  Quantum Extreme front suspension
image icon QuantumExtremeRearSus.jpg 154k 27 Mar 2002
  Quantum Extreme rear suspension
image icon Robin Hood Sliding Pillar.jpg 45k 8 Aug 2000
  RH Sliding Pillar
pdf icon RortyDeDionAxleAssembly.pdf 855K 15 Nov 2005
  Rorty DeDion axle assembly drawings
pdf icon RortyLocostIRSAssembly.pdf 3413K 8 Nov 2005
  Rorty IRS axle assembly drawings
image icon Rough Brackets.gif 13k 11 Dec 2000
  Rough brackets
image icon S4CutDet.jpg 151k 30 Mar 2002
  Lotus Series IV front cutaway diagram
image icon Shocker.gif 182k 20 Dec 2000
  Charade rear shocker
zip icon 23k 6 Feb 2003
  Short Long Arm Roll Centre Kinematics (Excel roll-centre calculator)
application icon Spitfire A Arm.dxf 105k 28 Feb 2001
  Lower A Arm for Spitfire upright
zip icon Spitfire A Arm 17k 28 Feb 2001
  Bitmap of Spitfire A Arm
image icon Susp fr r.jpg 240k 9 Aug 2001
  Front suspension/mudguard
pdf icon Susp_jig.pdf 185k 3 Jul 2002
  Suspension jig - G. Rowell
text icon SuspensionInfoSites.doc 24k 7 Apr 1999
  Suspension info sites
zip icon The Locost Suspension 18k 22 Oct 1999
  The Locost suspension helper
zip icon 1520k 2 Jun 2001
  Toyota van (Hi-Ace) front hubs
image icon TritonIRS.jpg 149k 27 Mar 2002
  Triton IRS
pdf icon U Bracket.pdf 6k 25 Mar 2003
  GTS Suspension bracket drawing
application icon Wobble.dxf 15k 25 Oct 1999
  U2 wobble linkage
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