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Locost Introduction

This site is dedicated to the Locost 7 - a small home built sports car (also known as a "clubman") which is similar in many respects to a Lotus 7. The construction is based on the book "BUILD YOUR OWN SPORTS CAR FOR AS LITTLE AS £250" by Ron Champion:

Click to order Click to order Firstly, let me say, it is NOT possible to build your own sports car for roughly AUD$625 (UK£250), unless you manage to get nearly all of the parts and materials for free! It is possible to build a sports car relatively cheaply as many have done already all over the world. I hope to be able to put together my car for around AUD$10,000.

Red Locost.jpg (10,375 bytes) This amazing example (picture right) was built by a young man by the name of Barney from Oundle School in the UK, where Ron Champion, the author of the book, taught. The Locost is being driven by Ron Champion himself. Barney began construction when he was 11 years old! He wasn't old enough to hold a drivers license until well after he completed his car.

If I can do as well as he, I will be pleased! To follow my exploits in the construction of my Locost, please check my Construction Diary.