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Clubman Builders Resource

 Files > Other

  Name and Description Size Date
folder icon ADR
  Australian Design Rules
folder icon EPA
  NSW (Aus) EPA Guidelines for Modified Cars
folder icon Ikara
  Mid engined design
folder icon Oz Builders Group
  Application forms to receive club newsletter
folder icon Raffo Belva
  Which Kit March 1999
folder icon Trailer Plans
  Cameron McCarty's Clubman Trailer Plans
image icon AluminiumChart.gif 50k   28 Dec 2000
  Aluminium Properties Chart
pdf icon Approved Engineers.pdf 75k 5 Mar 2002
  "All" States Approved Signatories (for NSW, Australia)
pdf icon Auto Aluminium.pdf 150k 8 Jan 2006
  Repairing automotive sheet aluminium
word icon Build Manual.doc 50k 27 May 1999
  Build manual (draft)
zip icon 780k 16 Jun 2001
  Sierra CAD files
zip icon 97k 16 Jun 2001
  Taunus/Cortina CAD files
zip icon 606k 3 Jan 2003
  Car performance analyser
word icon Design Weights.doc 38k 29 Jun 2001
  SVA Design Weight Calculations (for UK builders)
zip icon 416k 30 Nov 2000
  Kitfit pricelist (zipped gifs)
zip icon Locost Build 39k 28 Apr 2000
  .XLS Locost build register and build data sheets
word icon LocostCarClubEngineering.doc 586K 20 May 2001
  Draft 'engineering report' on Locost
zip icon Locosters in 87k 21 Jun 2000
  Locosters in AUS map
zip icon 13k 14 Apr 2001
  Metric Conversion Calculator
application icon Model Locost.dwg 676k 11 Nov 2002
  3D Model of Locost (Half)
word icon NationalStationaryExhaust-April2000.doc 537k 7 Apr 2005
  Noise Test (limit in VSRs = 90dB)
zip icon 811k 10 Jan 2001
  CCC article on mid-engine 7

excel icon

Partslists1.xls 31k 11 Jan 2000
  A suggested parts list for Australian builders (source: Westfield)
zip icon 6k 19 Apr 2000
  Speedo calibration spreadsheet
excel icon Steel-AliWeights.xls 17k 13 Oct 2002
  Comparison of steel to ali sheet weights
word icon Supersports.doc 62k 31 Jan 2002
  CAMS Regs for Low Cost Sports Car
zip icon 5K 20 May 2001
  Torsional testing calculator
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