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Clubman Builders Resource

 Files > Chassis

  Name and Description Size Date
folder icon Aussie Mods
  Modifications to increase chassis stiffness as required by Aus Design Rules
folder icon Middy Missile
  Ideas and Sketches
folder icon Standard Chassis Cutting List
  Excel Spreadsheet containing a cutting list for a standard Locost Chassis based on 3m material lengths
folder icon Dutton
  Dutton/Beva Chassis
word icon ADR Seat Belt Mounting Positions.doc 281k   16 Dec 2000
  Seatbelt Mounting Positions
pdf icon chassis-side.pdf 41k 17 Oct 2002
  Seven chassis side detail
pdf icon Chassis_Sierra.pdf 162k 25 Oct 2002
  Seven chassis Sierra base with dimensions
pdf icon Collins.pdf 242k 04 Feb 2004
  Collins Chassis drawings
image icon DSKChSm.jpg 57k 12 Apr 2002
  S3 Chassis w/MIT design changes
word icon Final Thesis A.doc 977k 08 Jun 2004
  Locost Chassis Modifications Part A
word icon Final Thesis B.doc 4797k 03 Jun 2004
  Locost Chassis Modifications Part B
word icon kitcaranalysis.doc 779k   20 Sep 2003
  Excelent analysis of Locost chassis
word icon kitcaranalysis_V2.doc 1004k   08 Aug 2004
  Excelent analysis of Locost chassis (Updated)
image icon LPGTanks.gif 12k 21 May 2000
  LPG tanks
application icon New Sierra.dwg 239k 5 Nov 2001
  AutoCAD Locost IRS chassis
pdf icon PedalBox.pdf 20k 24 Jan 2002
  Westie Pedal Box
image icon Rear End Locost.jpg 792k 17 Jan 2001
  A picture of the rear of the "Book" Locost (Scanned from Book)
word icon Roll bar Locost.doc 60k 1 Jun 2000
  Roger's Roll Bar drawings
image icon Rollbar.jpg 66k 3 Jun 2000
  Race rollbar minus front bracing
application icon Rowell Clubman.dwg 101k 12 Nov 2002
  100mm wider chassis
zip icon 1.33M 8 Jun 2003
  3D (rotatable) Drawing of 1980 Super Seven
image icon Underside Rear Westie.jpg 68k 8 Nov 2000
  Rear Exhaust
image icon Westbla1.jpg 74k 31 Mar 2000
  Westfield blade chassis
zip icon 32k 28 Sep 1999
  Westfield DWG & JPEG
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