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Clubman Builders Resource

 Files > Engine

  Name and Description Size Date
folder icon 1ZZFE Adaptor
  How to make an adpator to connect a 1ZZFE engine to a W55 gearbox
folder icon 4AGE Blacktop
  4AGE Blacktop Service Manual
folder icon KA24DE
  Pics of the North American version of the motor. The valve cover is a gold colour from the factory, this is the engine I modified for my '91 Nissan 240SX.
pdf icon 1zzfe.pdf 541k 18 Mar 2004
  Technical Paper on 1ZZ-FE
image icon 20vAFM.2.jpg 51k 1 Jun 2000
  Air Flow Meter 2
image icon 22R-2.jpg 101k 17 Sep 2003
  Comparison of sizes of common Toyota and Ford engines
image icon 4A-GE Engine Mount.jpg 59k   20 Apr 2001
  4A-GE engine mount
zip icon 4A-GE Engine 314k 10 Jun 2001
  4A-GE engine mount
zip icon 655k 24 Apr 2000
zip icon 6k 25 Feb 2000
  Alternator bracket for Ford Pinto
image icon Bellhousing.jpg 54k 15 Aug 2000
  Toyota/PUG Bellhousing Adaption
zip icon 30k 25 Sep 1999
  Engine cross sections Pinto/Kent/CVH
html icon EngineWeights2000.htm 41k 18 Feb 2000
  List of engine weights
image icon Engmount.gif 12k 19 Apr 2001
  Eng. mount suggestion
application icon Flywheel_Hub.tcw 62k 8 Jul 2000
  4AG Flywheel machining
application icon Flywheel_Hub.dwg 56k 8 Jul 2000
  As above in .DWG format
zip icon K-Series Tuning.txt 2k 27 Sep 2001
  What not to do!
zip icon 260k 14 Jul 2000
  PC Dyno -- work out power from 1/4 mile time
word icon Pinto gas flow.doc 317k 25 Sep 2000
  Dave Andrews Pinto head mods
image icon Sump and modified pickup.jpg 66k 19 Sep 2001
  Roger's sump
image icon Westiemount.bmp 84k 20 Apr 2001
  Westfield engine mount for Xflow - just post litigation
image icon Zetec1.jpg 1421k 17 Jan 2002
  Zetec Engine Drawing - Page 1
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